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The Principals of MHP Funds, LLC ("MHPF") and their affiliated companies have around the 5th largest mobile home park portfolio in the country with over 21,000 lots in 26 states. The Principals have an extensive 20-year track record of success in the mobile home park industry, and have over 55 years of combined real estate investing experience. They have established proven systems for handling all aspects of mobile home park ("MHP") investing, and their extensive backgrounds and relationships help them identify properties that minimize investment risk and maximize cash on cash returns.

MHPF is well aware of the advantages of purchasing mobile home parks (see below) and has developed a set of stringent acquisition criteria that addresses both strong cash flow from day one and adding value to each MHP through various means such as increasing rental rates and occupancy, reducing expenses, and improving the quality of the community. The overall objective for each property is to provide an excellent return on investment for investors, while at the same time providing every resident with a safe and affordable place to live.

Why Invest in Mobile Home Parks?

Investors are always seeking new opportunities which offer reduced risk, yet significantly higher returns than can be achieved in traditional saving accounts or CDs. MHPs present such an opportunity; now more than ever, as we believe that we are currently in the midst of a great buying opportunity in the MHP industry. They following articles discuss MHP investing in more detail:


Please see our Resources section for additional articles on MHP investing.